Friday, September 2, 2022

February, 2022

After many bumps and turns along the way (Covid tests results, cancelled flights, more tests, and more flights), Esther and I made it safely to Abidjan and home. It is so great to be here in the warmth and able to distribute tracts and talk to people so openly.   Praise God for protecting Dan on his trip to Abidjan when he was the second vehicle in a three-car pile-up; we saw many serious accidents on the way back.


Harmattan (dust hanging in the air) is super heavy this year.  Despite all the cleaning we've done, the dust descends daily...two steps up and one step back on the cleaning efforts.  EVERYTHING needed to be scrubbed and washed.  Imagine taking the furniture outside to be pressure washed.  Clean is good. Yet, in only one week, I can draw in the dust on the buffet, and the porch looks like we didn’t even touch it. So much for before-and-after pictures.  Our friends say you just leave it and live with it until rainy season.  


Saturday, exactly one week after I got back, we had a big ceremony to celebrate that our school has its government-approval paper.  Lydia is doing a great job as administrator of the school!  Joseph is the Bible teacher for all grade levels.  Seth is our colleague on the board of directors and our preacher- leader gospel outreach.  Dan holds it together with the teachers, leads devotions, and pastors the church.  What a wonderful outreach in the community.  Stephan is Seth’s lawyer friend who gives us great advice and was a major help in getting the papers in order.  


Saturday started with renting a “bash” (two tents and plastic chairs). The sun was super hot, but we had a nice breeze.  Esther and I made banana cake and muffins to feed 300 people, besides having bought cookies, pop, chocolate and chips.  We had certificates for the 30 top students. The teachers and parents were there.  Seth gave a powerful message about the meaning of an "Ecole Baptiste de l’Evangile" (Evangel Baptist School)  School is where you should expect to hear the truth. You don’t want your children being taught lies, do you?  Baptist doctrine is founded solely on the Bible, our authority for life and truth. Evangel is the gospel clear and plain.  Seth developed each point.  That is our purpose to be here, that the Gospel will be preached.  


Meanwhile, our daughter Susanna and Matthew Schrock have been accepted as BWM Mappers and are raising support for a one-year short term here.  This country is wide open for the Gospel.  Dan wants Matthew to help him get a camper vehicle fixed up to be able to sleep in while they are in the more remote villages. ANNOUNCEMENT: Susanna is pregnant and wants to come out here to have their baby.  We are happy that our kids want to come back out here and serve God and are praying that their support comes in quickly. Please continue to pray for them and for us. 


Thank you again for your faithful prayers!  We appreciate and pray for you, too!


In His grip,

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