Africa and family

Joan's sister, Laurel, came out to visit and took lots of pictures.

Joseph, Ruth, Isaiah, Susanna, Rebekah, Laurie, Josiah, Stephen (from Left to Right)
With Avocados from our tree

Boiling Palm Nuts--making Palm Butter soup

Pounding the palm nuts after they are boiled

Nadege is such a huge help!

Josiah--visiting the scrawny horses down the street

Dan, Susanna, and Lydia at the Jeweler's.

Lydia and Laurie in the Cassava

Rebekah with Avocado from our tree.

Shopping carts at the big market.  These boys are eager to be hired to push one's stuff around.

Buying okra at a vegetable stand.


Spice stand. The brown in the bowl on the Left is fresh peanut butter.  Yum!

Grinding Cassava leaves so it will be ready to be made into soup.

Lydia and Susanna at the cosmetic stand.

School kids at our church.

Puppies! (Joseph, Rebekah, Lydia, Susanna, and Josiah)

Crystelle is learning to play piano.  She can play quite well now and has played a few times for church!


Ruth Marie (23)
Lydia Grace (19)
Susanna Joy (17)
Isaiah Roy (15)
Stephen Joel (14)
Rebekah Danielle (12)

Josiah Daniel (11)

Joseph Enoch (9)

Esther Lorene (7)
Gideon Luke (4)

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