Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Doesn't "Happy Easter" sound a bit trite? If we die with Him, we shall also live with Him. He endured, suffered the cross, so that He could rise again. He is our prime example of enduring suffering --persevere until I come. Endure --in the difficulties and hard times; living according to the promises that we have not yet seen. We identify with Him. Wow.

We wish you a great day to remember - without the workout there are no muscles, without the suffering there is no glory, without the cross there is no crown --But what a glory there will be!!
Have a very great day. May God bless you!!!
Love in Christ,
Dan and Joan

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Letter from Hannah and Seth

Below is a letter that Seth and Hannah wrote last month.  It is great to serve God, and is such a blessing to see our children want to serve Him too!  

Love in Christ,
Joan and Dan

    What a great God we serve!  Hannah and I are currently enrolled at Ambassador Baptist College where we are learning a lot more Bible and enjoying our time. The more you dig into God's Word, the more you find to learn and enjoy about Him.   We just recently completed Bible Conference Week; this one being a unique one for this is the school's 25 anniversary. I could, but will not at this time, expound on the joys we have experienced upon coming to Ambassador and being a part of all that God is doing here.

    Hannah and I have been praying about what God would have us do this summer. We have prayed both about camp ministries and also about going back to Africa to spend the summer with our family - helping out in the ministry and being all together again in Africa.  It would possibly be the last time we could be together there for a long time. Our problem is the transportation. Travel is expensive, and if we do go, we won't be making money for next year's school.  Also, if we order the tickets soon, we will be more likely to find cheaper flights.

    Please pray about it.  We do feel that God wants us to go out, and know that He will supply, but want to let you know of the need, so that if God lays it on your heart, you can also be a blessing.  Please pray for us that God would use us in a great way! Thank you for what you have already given for my family! If we do go, we won't be sitting on our hands doing nothing. There is plenty of work to be done and far too few laborers out in the fields of our Master. We plan on orchestrating a Bible memorization competition, helping with the teaching and preaching, and helping with the visitation and witnessing. My dad was telling me about some construction in the village that will likely be going on while we are there, so I will be able to help in that as well. Thank you for your prayers, support, and the support you have given to my family. What a great God we have, and what a great privilege it is to serve Him!

    If you do want to help financially with the needs for this summer, the gifts can be sent to our home church.  Evangel Baptist Church has graciously allowed any help to be sent directly to them.  The address is:

Evangel Baptist Church

16994 Telegraph Rd.

Taylor, MI 48180-5108


Hannah and Seth



Sunday, April 13, 2014

short news

We just got back from Abidjan ---the traffic is horrendous, the intersections are so blocked up. The crazy taxi drivers drive down the sidewalks. One of our friends described it as "Everyone in the house trying to live in the bathroom."
Ruth had a surgery on her thyroid --the right lobe was taken out - had a tumor in it. We went on Monday, having stressed that we were from SP. He didn't do the surgery until Thursday!!! and she had two nights in the hospital so we didn't get out until Saturday. Anyway, all went well other than we didn't want to stay in Abidjan that long. The overnights in the hospital were only 30,000 cfa per night - $60.00 ---maybe the whole family could stay?? Ha - nice air conditioned room coming with food too. I stayed with her - they bought a mattress on the floor. There were no complications and she is doing well.
Meanwhile, we were in Abidjan to sell puppies ---which we did. We always praise the Lord when another batch of puppies gets sold ---keeps us floating for sure sometimes. Sidney's puppies are due in 2 weeks --Great Dane, and we pray for a save delivery for her.
Also in Abidjan Dan got all the passport stuff done. We can't let Momma be here on an expired passport ---maybe some of the rest of us? Anyway, if there were some emergency for her......yes, we will get the rest of us fixed up too. So we get as much done as we can on each trip.
Meanwhile, on Saturday - Steve King was coming to Abidjan. About 2 hours out, the driver of his car had an accident and their car was totaled. It is sad for them. Like I say ---the devil seems to be working overtime. I have just been studying Luke 13: 3 and 5 --same verse ---Unless you repent you will likewise perish. Well, in the context ---hard times and catastrophes come on us all ---the good and the bad; but make sure you are going to heaven, you repent - or you will perish. The Bible is so rich. Oh, so we were able to give Steve a ride back home while his car went on to be toed to Abidjan.
Meanwhile, while we were in Abidjan for a week - the kids held down the fort ---and it is a hard fort to hold down. The day before we came back, it poured ---as in lots of rain!!! The rain came in the back of our house and went all the way through to the front (I wonder if they got any pictures). They came down in the morning to 2 inches of brown, dirty water. The place stunk like rotten fish....I heard about it on the phone ---of course I was happy I wasn't here to deal with that!! Ha! I KNOW I am bad. Anyway, they cleaned it with a wet/dry vac. and did a great job.
We arrived home to the smelly rug ---the rug is out in the sun to dry ---hasn't gotten washed yet because the water is again off. Out here you can use the hose, scrub down a big living room rug, let it dry and on you go. It is outside waiting for the water to come on.
The devil wants to discourage us and get us out of ministry if he possibly can. I say that as I hear about so many moral failures --it makes my heart so sad. Keep praying for us. Life can be difficult at times. There was a really good description of an African toilet, I'll spare you that ---or you could be in an African village with no toilet paper - or you could be in the desert with no leaves. So, praise God and keep going. LIfe is really good.
So, why all this in Abidjan??? Here is the really big praise! Dr. Kamal (who took care of David so many years ago, a Muslim that is open to talk about the Bible) is still trying to ride the fence. Anyway, I have just finished reading a book on how to witness to Muslims ---so very good. I had just finished it while I was with Ruth in the hospital and Dr. Kamal came in to talk. I gave him the book and he promised to read it. Dan was there to explain a few of his questions as well. Pray for him ---I believe that God wants him in His kingdom. This is the Will of God - that men ought everywhere to repent.
This short note has gotten long again ---and sorry - no pictures. I could put pictures - but then you would have to wait a day or two to get the letter......
Have a great day!!!
Love in Christ,
Joan and Dan