Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We are only pilgrims on the earth. It would be a crazy thing to set up a campsite as if it were our permanent dwelling. It would be a crazy thing to get upset if things were out of place or if you couldn't find this or that. I am starting to care less and less about stuff—it is just stuff. Sure, God has given us lots of great things, and we want to take care of them and make our campsite as nice as possible, but that is how it is living in a remodeling work zone of a house.


So much has been happening. Thank the Lord we were able to buy a house. It is right off the school's parking lot; close for the college kids to walk to school.  It is a two-story fixer-upper built around the 1860s. God did not say He would give you the farm already planted. So we are all working.  Thank the Lord for able bodies and great health able to do all this work. Thank the Lord that this 50+ couple can camp out on the floor for five weeks. Thank the Lord for a kitchen, bathroom, and roof over our heads.  Now, if we see "Little House on the Prairie," I'll have some sympathy in hindsight for the drafts of cold air that come through these slats of wood. We have paper stuffing the cracks or tape over the holes to keep some of the cold air out.  You know these Africans want to stay as warm as possible.  All that to say, "Happy late Thanksgiving." 


We had a great trip to Florida and met many new friends and were reacquainted with the old ones. The young people are getting younger, and the older folks are getting just like us. I am not planning to retire, but to re-fire, and Florida is a nice place. We loved the warmth. At a flea market, we met Christians (SOS) doing open-air evangelism; they had a booth at the market. That was so encouraging. Sometimes I can get into a pity party like Elijah ("I am the only one left"). Well, there are Christians alive and well and out there witnessing to strangers. They even gave us one of their "boards" that we can use here in America and copy into French to take back with us to Cote d'Ivoire.


We praise the Lord that the ministry in Côte d'Ivoire is still going well.  This past month Pastor Konan has started evangelism in another village with men from the Bible School.  Thank you for those who have given toward the purchase of bikes and property.  We recently were able to purchase three bikes and some land in another village for a church building.  The church elementary school in San Pedro is also doing well.  We are making bricks for the construction of another two classrooms.


We are also thankful for the bit of school we were able to get done.  It is not the easiest thing to do school while traveling or to concentrate in a work zone. Kids try to find a quiet, lit spot to work in peace...and we hear sounds of, "Where's the protractor?" and numerous other things. Still, the work goes on, school goes on, distributing tracts and witnessing goes on. God's Word keeps entering into our lives, and meetings and travel continue in safety and in health. Thanks for all your prayers. We THANK YOU so much for holding us up before the Lord.


Merry Christmas to you! May God bless you! Blessed to BE a blessing to others.