Friday, September 2, 2022

May, 2022

 I could easily write a newsletter every month; and I would give TMI (too much information) to some folks.  But April has had huge events, and May and June are full as well.


In April we had a GREAT Easter school-break event.  Dan, Seth, and Lydia organized stations with big wooden picture boards with different scenes from the Easter story. There were head holes so that the kids could put their faces in and have their pictures taken (pictures explain that better).  At each station, one of us was there with a 15-minute message about that part of the Resurrection events.  Many people do not really understand what Easter is all about; it was great to witness to the kids and their parents; Jesus’ resurrection is the greatest proof that He is Who He said He was: the invisible God made visible, God in the flesh. 


Meanwhile, a stomach bug was going around AND Paige was having pre-labor.  Praise God, the baby held out until after all the Easter Sunday events.  Who do you say that I am? Jesus, God in the flesh.  After church Sunday morning, we had an African sub-sandwich luncheon and then watched the film “Risen.”  It was good and the people seemed to appreciate that. 


The next week, Lydia and I went to Sassandra, and Paige had their baby Sebastian Moses Cuthbertson, 7 lb. 10 oz. on April 25.  Praise the Lord for a safe delivery and a healthy Paige and Sebastian.  (Don’t forget the background of a stomach bug, bus trips, and bad roads.)


Dan has ADDED more services and teaching to his schedule. He has restarted the Bible school classes in the village and is taking a few young men from our church in Lac out to the village with him.  We NEED young men to get trained FROM within our church to be able to lead this work.  We pray that God will keep them steadfast in His Word.  So many times, they fall into sin, derailed after women or money or power.  We pray that they will be grounded in the Word.  Dan has also added a Sunday evening service; again, encouraging the young men to come and study God’s Word. 


Rebekah graduated from Ambassador Baptist Bible College!  She is coming to help us for the summer, then is planning to go to help Ruth and Richard for this next YEAR.  Ruth is expecting their 8th child, so her help will be much appreciated. 


Matthew and Susanna arrived here safely for a year while Matthew learns French and they do survey trips for their future camp ministry. Susanna is due in June. (Backdrop of city water has been off and all the tanks are empty.  Praise God for RAIN.)


I can’t tell news up ahead when the letter is already full; BUT we are expecting many visitors: Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Isaiah and Rebekah and TWO friends with them, Susanna and Matthew’s first baby; and Lydia and Seth and Paige are leaving for furlough.  All that to say, Dan has lots of driving to do, so please continually pray for our safety on the roads.  The roads are either in the throes of mud or dust. 


I did not even start on our wonderful zoo.  


Many blessings on you.  Thanks again for praying!

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