Friday, September 2, 2022

March 2022

 Since you haven’t heard from us in so long, you can know that we have been very busy and pray for us more. We will keep this short and include many pictures.   

Dan and Seth made a wonderful trip to the village church plant works of Zouan-Hounien. They had 3 days of seminars on what a Biblical leader is and what a Biblical church is.  The leaders there have been looking at charismatic churches instead of looking at the Word.  There were some definite problems; but the trip was good, and the problems are in the process of being resolved.


Cleaning dirt and organizing the house is a continuing work in progress.  We are so thankful that we got a heavy rain last week that calmed down the harmattan dust a bit.


I participated in a week-long pastors’ wives’ camp.  You take everything you need and camp out at a church.  I had a great time of fellowship and made a lot of new friends.  My subject to teach was health.


Our petting zoo has begun.  Seth lives in the heart of hunting country. Many times, the mother animal is killed and the hunters bring the babies to Seth, who gives them to us. We try to raise them and let them go as adults.  God has given us two mongooses and now also a baby genet. We also are back to selling puppies.


Our church school is going great.  Continue to pray for growth in the fall.  Dan, Lydia, and Joseph are faithful to go there to teach, build, and solve problems.  Seth is also involved from Sassandra in the planning, organizing, and preaching.  They are all planning an Easter program; our goal is always that the Gospel be given.  


Our front-yard Bible class has begun again. The trampoline is a HUGE drawing factor and has to be constantly monitored or as many as can fit will get on at a time. 


Many have gotten saved this month; Praise God.  Eight have prayed with me and that has been so very exciting.  Right there on the street, two men prayed at different times.  Sometimes we get to pick the fruit.  Thanks for praying for the harvest—it is time to pick the fruit!!  Two ladies have been IN our church but not of it.  Each of them prayed for salvation; I wait to see growth.  These children also got saved. Praise God for them.  Many of these kids also come to our school.


Thank you for your continued prayers! 


Always in His grip,

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