Friday, April 28, 2017

grads. -college and high school

Dear Friends,
I am thinking about you and praying for you.  I KNOW I want to write a letter with all the details of life. Our electricity has been off a lot lately —which means we have not had any internet or computer power and also means that we have been extra hot. Thank you for praying for us and for God's grace to persevere. Praise God for the health and strength He has provided.
Graduation is May 5 from Ambassador Baptist College.  We have three graduating and are very proud of their efforts to finish well.
Seth is graduating with "Bachelor of Biblical Studies with majors in Bible and Pastoral Studies," 
Paige is graduating with "Bachelor of Biblical Studies (with majors in) Bible and Missions," 
Hannah is graduating with "Bachelor of Sacred Music (with majors in) Bible and Music." 

 Today starts finals —they are all taking exams.   Graduation on the 5th OF MAY will be live streamed on Ambassador's website:  (We will try to watch that if our internet stays on.)  It is at 7pm Eastern  time. Thursday night, May 4th, is the Commencement Concert (like "Messiah" in the Fall, only it's resurrection songs).  It is at 7pm also.

On another note:
Isaiah and Stephen have graduated from high school. Our school name is The Solid Rock.  They are planning to go to Amb. Baptist College in the fall.  

Life is completely hectic —For me; deliveries, witnessing, teaching our own kids school, teaching Bible at our church school, cooking, laundry, cleaning, pets; Dan's time is used up even worse —much preaching and teaching, evangelism and discipleship. He has started yet another group of students in the Bible school on Saturday evenings.  Praise God for the health and strength He gives us. Winning souls is wise —in fact, we love it.  Some put a huge emphasis on "oh he is a doctor…or whatever that will make lots of money."  Isn't it better to focus on people's eternal destiny, their souls, than on this temporal world we live in?  Since the Bank of Heaven is the greatest, shouldn't learning how to win souls be our topmost priority? Wow. 
We will soon get letter out with lots of pictures.  

Have a great day. May God bless you.
In His Grip,
Joan and Dan