A Few More Pictures

October 2012 (out west)
Driving across America was fun.  It was interesting to see how the scenery and landscape changes from place to place.  This picture reminded me of the saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence"  Sometimes we don't realize the beauty on our own side of the fence and we are discontent with the life God has given to us.  It was neat for Ruth and I to have the opportunity to see different places in America and the beauty of God's creation.  Every place is a bit different but beautiful it its own way.

First supper home from break!

I like babies.  They are lots of fun!  But it was so nice to be home for a bit :)
They all grew so much!  It's crazy how much people change in less than one year.  Lydia way passed me up!

Beach.  We went to the beach.  Lots!   That was fun!

Many family days!  So much fun just spending time with family.

Seth and Doso.  :)
Gideon is walking and has teeth and everything now :)  He'll probably be talking next time I see him.  And he's so social.  His favorite thing to do is wave.  He acts like a celebrity :).  Waves at everyone as we pass.  He even waves at people on TV.  :)  So cute!

The last 2 nights we were home, we had a family sleep-over out on the patio.  :)  That was fun!