Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God is Good - from Hannah

Eventually the kids will have their own mailing lists. I know some of you are getting the same letter from Hannah and then from Me --sorry. Hey, it just gives you something to delete --that is a fun thing - smile. Have a great day.

Hello friends!
God is so good! The water is on, the electricity is on, everyone is healthy, God is blessing us and taking care of us and life is going very well--that about sums it up--smile.

I stopped working at the hospital a few months ago, so have had more time to focus on other things; such as helping kids from church with their homework (especially English and math), doing some projects around the house, helping some of my younger siblings with their school, and reading some good books =).
Seth is here on summer break from school. It has been nice having him back. I love my family--smile.
I am planning to return to the states in August to start school at Ambassador. I'm very glad for this time that God has given me to be with my family. I am glad I didn't start school right away last January and that I decided to wait a semester. This time has been very good for me. I feel rested and revitalized and now have a new desire for ministry that was a bit tired before. I now feel ready to go to school--which I wasn't so sure about before. =)
Seth and I and my dad will be traveling to Abidjan later today to do some shopping, try to sell some puppies, and pick up our cousins from the airport. They are coming in tomorrow. We are very excited to have them come visit. We have some fun things planned to do with them; then in August, Seth, Max, the group that is coming out, and I plan to fly back to America together.

Down the street from us there is a soldier barracks where all the soldiers sit around. We walk past them about every day. They are our "friends"--smile. It is nice because most of the soldiers all around town know us now so they don't hassle us anymore. Anyway... we stop and witness to them every once in awhile--not nearly as much as we should. We COULD go there every day! They sit around a lot with nothing to do except play checkers and talk. Seth and I went down there yesterday and had a good talk with them. Most of them are Muslim. They are very mixed up, but they had a lot of questions and we had a good talk with them. Pray for God to work in their hearts and that they would get saved.
Thank you for your prayers. Life is good. =) God is faithful! May He continue to bless you!
Have a great day!
Keep smiling!

Prayer Requests:
Pray for safety as we travel
We have 5 puppies left that we would really like to sell. Pray that God will bring buyers along.
That the soldiers that we talked to would get saved.

Oh, we recently got a new pet--a genet cat. I'm not really the pet person in the family, but some of you might like to hear about the pets...
We also have 6 little puppies that are at the very cute stage right now. We are trying to find homes for them.
Susanna continues to enjoy her horse, Koda. Koda is gaining more and more weight, and Susanna is really hoping she is pregnant. One of these days, I might go out there with my doppler and see if I can find a colt heartbeat =). Did you know horse pregnancies are 11 months long?? That was an interesting fact I learned.
Lucy is super cute--she is Stephen's little monkey. She runs around the yard--it's neat to have a monkey that can be free in the yard without us worrying that she might run away.
Here are a few pictures of the genet cat. She runs around free in the house. =) Normally we would keep a genet cat in a cage, but this one is super friendly--the nicest one we have had for sure. She sleeps in Lydia's room =). Her name is Zingga.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

short note

Dear Praying Friends,
As you know, I send out update letters from time to time for Ruth, Hannah and Seth. Thank you so much for your continued PRAYERS and interest in them. They are now being pushed out of the nest, young adults on their own --don't worry, it will be a long time before we have an "empty nest syndrome." I praise God so much for the work He has done in each of their lives thus far.
Before, they have said that if you wanted to send money to them, you could send it to our mission - BWM - to receive a tax receipt. This is not an option. If you want to help one of them, it is best to send money directly to their college address. They are all going to Ambassador Baptist College and have mailboxes there and will get anything you send. Ruth and Seth have greatly enjoyed their first semester and are looking forward to going back with Hannah also. Their addresses are the same except for the box number --and I don't know Hannah's yet. I hope this clears up any questions. Thank you again for your continuing interest in them. Please continue to PRAY for them. Their fast pace lives can make their old mom fearful. We trust our Great God. Ruth is on the way to Thailand right now. I pray all the time.
Hannah and Seth are doing much preaching and teaching. We are doing a lot of evangelism, maintenance, and house projects. This month we want to tile the baptistry at church and there are 23 lined up to be baptized. Growth takes time but every bit is encouraging. Have a great week.
Love in Christ,
Joan and Dan

Ruth Cuthbertson
Ambassador Baptist College
P.O. Box 3385
Lattimore, NC 28089

Seth Cuthbertson
P.O. Box 3387

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

up-date from Ruth

For some reason in two sections the sentences are cut off. If I wait for that problem to get fixed and for me to have more time on here another two weeks will go by. Have a great day!! May God bless YOU.