Friday, September 2, 2022

August, 2022

 I have to stick to bare details or this will be an epistle. Steve and Martha Anderson, our BWM director and his wife, came to encourage us in the ministry.  They “got to” experience a nice power outage—just long enough to experience it but not long enough to suffer.  Rebekah, Isaiah, and two friends, Samuel and Alyssa, came out for the summer and helped with many ministries and projects.  Seth and Paige and Lydia left for a short furlough — American summer ministries.  All that to say, Dan has been making numerous trips to Abidjan and back. We DO praise God that he made it back and that he keeps our car running well.  The Andersons opted to fly back and forth in the guise of saving Dan yet another trip.  We actually know that they did not want to experience that bad road.  Thanks for always praying for our safety.


The first big event in June was an end-of-the-year school program.  That went more smoothly than last time with more help and the outdoor tents arriving on time.  Seth always does a super job giving out a gospel message. I was home preparing for and hosting ten teachers for lunch and a school board summary-of-the-year meeting after the event at the church.  


Our visitors got to participate in many church, repair, and painting projects. Kayaking down the river and going to the beach were fun.  They also helped with the summer English class that was being taught at the church-school. 


Susanna delivered their first baby girl on June 22.  Selah is two months old and is smiley and content.


Lydia, Joseph, and Esther got braces on in Abidjan. There is a really good orthodontist there and it is cheaper than in America.  


On July 19, Alyssa and Rebekah were able to assist me in another birth. I’m sure that was a highlight for Alyssa to get to watch.  


Our Front-Yard kids’ class continues on Saturday mornings. Kids have been making professions of faith.  Jesus had COMPASSION on the multitudes.  I have compassion on all these “frisky, naughty, disobedient, cute” kids who act (and in practicality are) as if they have no parents.  They are very pitiful and don’t even know it.  I have also taken on a new ministry of washing and sewing their clothes; poor little kids running around in rags.  If you want to SEE if you are cut out for working in an orphanage just start with 30 to 50 street kids.  


Our church just hosted Youth Camp: the youth sleep, eat, and live at the church for a week!!  Bring your own mat, mosquito net, bowl, etc., and listen to lots of preaching.  Dan taught as well.  The main preaching was sanctification, and workshops were on health, sign language, sewing, and even how to tie a tie. (I will be doing this August 29-September 3.  It is called camping out at church, better than in the woods right? I take a camping mattress; these OLD bones can’t be sleeping on the floor.)


Thanks again for praying!

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