Thursday, January 17, 2013

Surprise, surprise!

Hi friends,
Lots has happened in the past week in our lives.  We've done quite a bit of traveling, made some pretty big decisions, said goodbye to many dear friends (and family), and are now adjusting and getting used to another phase of life.  
We had a good Christmas in Michigan with our family there.  We enjoyed seeing the snow and playing in it :)  Even if my dad talks about it like it's the plague, and even though I wouldn't want to live in that type of weather for too long, I do enjoy seeing it every once in awhile. 
Then we went down to North Carolina to Winston Salem and got ready for school.  

We got to Ambassador and unpacked and got settled into the dorms, registered, had orientation and all that.  Long story short, I'm back in Africa with my family.  I came back with my dad.  I didn't tell my family I was coming; it was fun showing up and surprising them.  
We left Ambassador Monday, my dad called a man in Abidjan to see about getting a visa for me.  He got it on Wednesday, and we flew out of New York on Thursday.  It was amazing how smoothly and quickly everything went.  It was sad leaving Ruth and Seth.  I really like the school.  I just didn't feel like the timing was quite right for me to start there.  I'm happy to be home with my family.  Although it would have been lots of fun starting college with Ruth and Seth (I had been looking forward to that for quite awhile), I am glad to be back in San Pedro again. 
We spent a few days in Abidjan before driving up to San Pedro.  We arrived here yesterday.  I think everyone was quite shocked :)  They gave good reactions--smile.  I was so excited to see them all!  

I could go on, but you probably have things to do and I should stop.  I just wanted to let you know that I am here now :)  I am not sure yet how long I'm planning to stay.  I'm waiting for God to direct, but I'm thinking maybe to go back in August to start school in the fall semester.

My feet are pretty much all healed.  Thank you for praying for that.  Sometimes it seems a bit insignificant to ask people to pray about something like feet, but it's nice to know that God cares about every detail of our lives, no matter how miniscule.

Happy New Year!!!  
Keep Smiling :)