Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have a Wonderful Christmas

Dan is feeling a bit better. He drove to the big market area a few days ago and figured out he'd pay for that ---not ready for driving yet. So, that leaves me driving to the village - Petite Pedro on Friday night and Gblao on Sat. night for a film. Seth will go and preach Friday night, Dan will go on Sat. night. Also we have all been invited to the ice cream shop on Sat. night ---when can we do that? Sat. night Seth is leading a service and skits in here at Lac. We will see if we can do the ice cream late.
Tues. we / I made and decorated Christmas cookies, brownies, sweet-rolls, and jam bars ---made some platters to pass out ---many unsaved friends and neighbors. Gave a nice card with 5 different tracts. I'm sure they will read them on their spare time. So, Tues. night we went and passed those all out --it has been busy. We usually do Christmas caroling ---but decided to skip that and pass out goodies and tracts instead.
Now I am on sort and clean-up projects for today --made a shell mirror for Nadege with Rebekah ----take a mirror and glue sea shells to the frame --very nice. Today is a breather before the weekend starts. Made a mirror for us --"May the faces I see see Jesus in Me."
I've been able to witness well to Fatiah and Sophia. They now all know, believe they say, no decision yet. No blood on my hands. They are now somewhat friends ---as good a friends as you can have with the unsaved. Susanna and Lydia went to spend the day with Sophia today. We will invite them to the Sat. night time --will be very good and evangelistic. Seth is great for that. I don't know if they will come --they want to come to our church; our church is not geared to the wealthy. We will see. So, we keep praying and witnessing to all the lost that we can.
Lately I've been focusing on prophecy. Since you see all the prophecy coming true --Jesus is coming soon --get saved NOW. In the days of Noah --when the ark was finished - the people should have known the time was near. When they saw the animals getting in the ark --they should have known - something is up, time is running out. That is how it is these days. Time is running out ---get saved now.
Well, off I go. Have a Merry Christmas. Sunday morning we are only doing a breakfast ---boiled eggs, bread and chocolate spread, and popcorn --more simple. -- We are just tired a bit ---want a good time, but focus on the gospel getting out.
Have a happy new year too.
Joan and Dan
PS. Ruth and Hannah were supposed to have a break in the Philippines ---it was cancelled. They work at the clinic on Sat. night ---they don't mind that and love to catch babies. It is good for them to be busy - -less chance of being homesick.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Have a wonderful Christmas

As the kids move the little angel along the calendar closer and closer to Christmas, I know that if I do not hurry, I will not have time to wish you all a super merry Christmas. You have probably heard ---"He had the birthday, we get the gift." Don't we moms know that? We gave birth, did the labor; and the kids get the gifts for the rest of their lives. How does that work out?? The kids have figured out that our birthday parties are getting boring because I have done about 143 of them. Well, Christmas is never boring and He keeps on giving so many blessings.
As for news ---God has been so great as usual. Dan was in a minor motorcycle accident. The problem was that the other man had a gas bottle (like a propane gas bottle - the size of two basketballs) on the front of his motorcycle, which flew off and hit Dan in the collarbone and ribs thereby fracturing them. From the swelling, discoloration and pain; I figured he had fractured them and since there is no treatment plan (I had already checked to see if things seemed straight) -on we went. He has his arm in a sling and is taking it easy. Meanwhile we have two heads working and only one body - smile. The body needs a rest. Praise God that it wasn't worse.
Meanwhile, Micheline's husband got saved, and Claudia got saved tonight. Wow, she prayed a beautiful prayer all on her own ---the young girl who is staying with us while her mother is trying to find them a place to live --a very long story. I just love it when someone gets saved!! I pray so much for Sophia and her mother to get saved ---we talk with them every weekend; Fatiha seems very close. Pray much and for us to have boldness and a Word from God.
Have a wonderful Christmas vacation ---that is what we like best. Just rescue us from school ---we are ready for a break. In all the activities, remember - He had the birthday ---he suffered and died and rose again, so that we could have the gifts.
With lots of love,
Joan and Dan