Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Deliveries - Life in Africa

I just realized that I didn't send this note to you. I do deliveries on the side - love to help out and pray for the Lord to bless in the delivery and use it to help the family closer to Him.

Okay, finally on here to write a bit. If you don't want details of deliveries - just delete. Two deliveries came my way in three days - was fun, stressful, and gives glory to God.
She, our neighbor, knocked on our gate around 9:30 PM Sunday in labor. I went over there, watched a few contractions and figured it wasn't going to be long ---got my stuff together. It was handy that it was right across the street. Things progressed slowly --I had on mosquito repellent - doing a deliver by flashlight out on their porch - very nice cool breeze going. (I had collected some of those disposable plastic table-clothes from American get togethers; I like to use for deliveries.) So, she delivered at 11:10 and then started bleeding and bleeding. I was waiting for the placenta --too much blood. Got the placenta out and did uterine massage ---for an hour, meanwhile taking quick breaks to try to find my oxytocin. I had the sister looking through my bags with my flashlight and "please shine it here so I can see if the bleeding has let up." So, as long as I was holding the uterus, the bleeding let up. Finally I ran back to the house - praying the whole time that I would fine the pit. Didn't find it there - had to be with me as it should have been. Got back - there it was - gave the shot - massaged uterus - bleeding stopped. Now it was 12:30. I even thought about the hospital (very unusual for me - praying so much of course all the time. ---and what could the hospital do? find blood for a transfusion? - not. take a long time and she'd end up dead.) So, after all that the Lord stopped the bleeding. I had her lying there for a while --told the sister "she's going to be dizzy if she gets up" --up for a bath is the idea. So, after a while - up she got - cleaned up - almost passed out and not making it, throwing up and looking to go into shock. "Let's get her back lying down fast!" - got a mattress out there and there she lay down ---a bit better after that. Anything here to drink? juice of any sort? --not a chance. Uterus was doing fine - I ran home for barley life, apple juice and bread and butter. I never feel like eating much after my deliveries. Well, when I got back - hadn't been long, she liked all that and was ready for a meal ---back to make egg sandwiches and tea. Their culture is so different than ours ---after deliveries it is almost prescribed ---get some coffee, and theirs is strong and black --maybe think the caffeine will get the woman going again. Anyway, she ate all that and I checked on her the next few days and did baby care ---all is good with them.

The next case was a lady on her 10th month!! She had a carnet (little record book) that showed when they first heard the heartbeat. Still not going into labor. (This one is really a great miracle story.) I was getting concerned - being a midwife; though not lined up to do her delivery (I wasn't lined up to do either of them), neither a member of our church - how much of my nose do I put in? Still preg. on Sun., Mon. is always very hectic, Tues. morning our phone rang at 6 AM. - no one there. It rang again - no one there. Now you see, we usually leave the phone downstairs so it won't wake us or Gideon up --it was in our bathroom. Since I was up, I figured it might be from God that I go over there and check on her and talk a bit before I had to start school --so off I went. She was already dressed and ready to go to the hospital as if she were expecting me ---though no one had called - wow. She just wanted to be dropped off - which I did; then went and taught school. When I picked her up I wanted to give her a shot of oxy. myself ---I probably should have and probably would next time, wasn't thinking that early in the morning ----like, "go to the hospital as a very last resort and I know the person needs a C sec. I had listened to the heart-rate, good. But ---it would have meant my whole day gone (selfish) and staying at their hut --not good for a delivery --no water or electricity ---our house full and jamming during the day. So when I dropped her off, I was thinking it was all out of my hands. Around lunch they got a prescription to induce labor, (I had to go to four pharmacies before I found some pit to buy though I have some at the house.) then at 3:30 PM they (the man and a friend of hers) came back to my house with a prescription for medicines for a C-sec. I borrowed $100 from Momma and off we went. They said the baby was going to be too big - failure to progress. If you know midwives ---we do not like that diagnosis at all - never seen it in all of my time as a midwife.
Back we went to the hospital ---she was having some strong labor - no progress. I'm saying - move around a bit....she is saying, "I'm tired." okay, off we go for the supplies. Out here --you pay for it, you've got it --no returns at all, ever. (I'm thinking that she can have this baby and I will be stuck with all this medicine.) Out here if you are going to have any procedure or anything - off you go to the pharmacies to fine the supplies. At the pharmacy the medicine came up to over $200!! I said, "Look, I have this $100 --just get me the medicine and I'll owe you the rest." not going to happen right then. "Okay, take off what you can, give us what we need to get started and get it down to $100." So, that is what they did. Back to the hospital (I have my delivery bag with me all this time). The woman is in serious labor and the woman in charge said the baby had moved down a little to an 8 cm. I am telling the woman --you can do this. Just a little bit more. Well, the midwife on shift was very nice --we hit it off right away, was also busy with the other people and staying at her desk and was also tired with our lady who had been there since early morning and not doing much. I had all my stuff with me and got to do the delivery in the hospital right there on the FLOOR (I figured, okay, they have people here to clean up this mess -smile) - the other midwife still over at her desk. Our woman had to push every bit out - big baby, shoulder dystocia, lot of work. I was pulling and cork-screwing the baby out being very careful for the head and neck and was glad I was there to help - praying the whole while - lot of meconium in the fluid, tired baby, but came around fast. I had a blanket with me to hold the baby in so it wouldn't be on the hard, cold floor--she had the baby at 4:45 PM - nice big 9 1/4 lb. baby girl --she and baby all fine. God took care of that one ---is He wanting me to do this more? Pray for me. Next great miracle ---another woman in serious condition - seizures and eclampsia - needed surgery, and that family was able to buy all that medicine from me ---saved them some run around and got our money back. Our woman was discharged at 6:30 PM - eating, drinking and everything fine. I've also been checking up on them --all fine, no complications at all. Praise the Lord. We have been praising Him for His mercies and power in all of this and shouting hallelujah and glory to God.
Okay, off I go again. Praise God for new life. Pray that we use these contacts to help people get saved and walk with God. That is our goal. We are reading a good book --biographies of great saints ---They Found the Secret. --Hudson Taylor, John Bunyan, Oswald Chambers, Amy Carmichael,....Abide IN HIm, the great Exchange, PRAY. We sure don't pray enough.

a note - skim, PRAY and delete

I know the girls have not had time to write for a while --they are super busy. I thought I would send a note from them to me (shortened - an inside edition) to those interested in their lives in the Philippines. Thanks for praying for them.

This is from Hannah:
Hi there! We just had Care Group -where we get together and sing and have a snack and sometimes have a message or read verses and pray. Well, before we used to lead them. Our classes would take turns being in charge of the program. It was a little bit stressful. But now Joy talked to Krys and they changed the program--smile. Joy is so nice. So now the men are in charge of the care groups. Because we have 3 married students and Manny and Matt. So there are 5 guys and they are leading Care group now. It was really fun. Matt is so funny. He likes to talk. And he talks quite slow :) The big thing that he likes to say everytime we're all together is about how much he likes midwives and how he thinks that they are going to be in high demand once mission boards realize how effective they are. Because midwives are welcome in almost every country of the world and they can pass through all barriers. Anyway, he likes to say that over and over. And it's so true. It just made me want to be there now. I want to be working as a midwife now. There! Now! :) So I'm on a mission. Rather than just getting through this school, I'm on a mission to get there! I didn't used to know which country I wanted to go to, but I think I now know. I want to be there! Unless something changes. Anyway, just thought I would let you know :)
I finished my Well Woman assignment last night. I went and printed this morning. I was going to take the test today, but now I'm going to take it tomorrow. So that's nice. It gives me a little more time to study. And I'll be more relaxed because I won't be rushing around trying to go take a test right after printing. So I'm going to work on my midterm and make those corrections tonight so I can turn that in tomorrow too. Then I'll be all caught up. :) Oh, and I went for a walk today. So I feel good. Life is good. I'm happy!
Love you guys! Hope you are doing well.

(from Ruth)
Dear Mommy and Daddy and family,
I just want to talk to you. I miss you. I am starting to enjoy shift more and like to catch babies. I have caught 45 babies now. I can suture, insert IVs, do newborn screening, pap smears (I am not so confident on this one), stay awake all night, and do assignments.

It started with night shift. When I arrived I got a patient. She was in strong labor and I stayed up all night with her. She did not deliver till 6:54 am. Shift ends at 6 am, but I stayed with my patient because if I didn't she probably would have gotten transported to the hospital and also I liked her. As soon as the new supervisor arrived on shift (she is also one of my favorites) she wanted to transport. Heather (the supervisor from night shift. An American) stayed over just to be there for my patient. It was special. She helped coach my patient to push. You should have seen her. She was SO exhausted and had NO energy. Her husband was taller than me and super sweet. He did not want to have to go to the hospital. The patient was sobbing because she was so happy after the baby came out. Heather was also teary eyed.
So.... I got home at 10:30 am from staying awake all night. I went straight to bed and got up at 3 pm because I had a baby check-up. After I did two baby checks, my continuity (personal client that you are to deliver) came to the clinic -- that was at 4 pm. I then stayed for all of swing and stayed awake all night again. My continuity delivered at 3:19, plus another of my continuities came in and delivered at 2:12 am. I delivered two babies only 1 hour and 7 minutes apart!! And I delivered 3 babies in 24 hours. I came home and slept from 10am to 7 pm.
The one continuity really has a sad story. She is only 17 years old and was raised by her grandmother. She is not grown up. She really is a baby herself. Labor was very painful for her and, on top of that, it was really long. She would say, "Ruth, help me. Ruth, help me." Then she would have a contraction. She was pleading with me, but there really was nothing I could do. She had to be the one to deliver her baby. Afterwards she said, "I am never having another baby." She had a baby boy that was 8 lb. 4 oz!!
The other continuity was SO funny. She just made funny comments. She was 2-3 cm at 12:30 am and delivered her baby at 2:12 am!!

Yesterday I printed my assignment and cooked dinner for our house. I made chili, cornbread, salad and rice. It was delicious. We have a cook that cooks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is SO great even though it is not exactly what we would like (she uses things like pig fat and corn starch and MSG, but she does not use them all the time). It takes off a large burden to have her come and she is so sweet and really wants to help us. Sometimes she doesn't cook enough food, but I made lots of chili. Ate Maricelle (the cook) needs to watch me cook so she can see what cooking a lot really means.
It rained earlier, Hannah and I played in the rain. We got soaked. It was lots of fun. I was hot and sweaty. Well, I am going to go to bed now. I love you all.


P.S. The new girls are interesting. Some of them are a little bit irritating and some of them are great. Some of them just need a little more attention. Smile. I do my best to understand them and love on them.