Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glad to be back

Skim and delete - informal about the trip. We need God just as much in the little details as in the big. Do you know what the danger of routine is? You feel like you can do it without God. Pray without ceasing.
> Hi there! THanks for praying for us --we arrived safely --I think we are missing one action packer and Andy and Becky a few - not sure.---we got it.
> We had adventure last night - smile. I'll make is short ---first we had borrowed a trailer to pull all the luggage, but Andy's car (which was to pull it) was in the shop with clutch problems ----no car. The mechanic came with a different vehicle and the guys had to make trips getting all the luggage from the airport to here where we are - the Jennings. Andy and Becky are staying over at WEC with their group. Meanwhile, I was going to bring all the kids here in taxis ---going to need two.
> So, we get in two taxis and take off. Right away I remembered we were supposed to find out the cost first ---they already had us on counter, which means they set this mileage counter - can drive all over the city with you and then charge you up a storm. It normally costs 1,500 to 3,000 cfa to get over there, but if you don't know.....So, I asked right away and he started talking about the counter and 5,000 ----or 1,500 each, etc. I said --pull over, pull over and we all jumped out --than I tried getting other taxis ---Abidjan is full of them and they were stopping. But the men - talking loudly - would not let me arrange anything. I'd say - stay back and let me talk to the driver ---before they could give him a head's up, this is our business and you'd better not budge in. Meanwhile, a car stopped - two Lebanese men and they were there wanting to help us out. Of course we are not all going to fit in their car. OH,----THAT IS A BIG OH, in leaving the airport I wanted to follow Dan's car to Jennings ---wasn't sure I remembered the way. He had already left. While negotiating with the drivers and the Lebanese men off I went to let Esther go potty in the grass. We ended up getting in with the Lebanese --always the chivalrous type to help out white ladies and children, and one taxi following. We only got turned around one time, but then found the place.
> They left their numbers - Dan to call. They want us to eat with them, etc. and help with finding a truck to take the luggage to San Pedro ---we'll see. Dan needs to call them --maybe God is providing for us through them - and I didn't get a chance to witness at all. At least when they knew we are missionaries they didn't want to smoke. Besides all that, I didn't have any cfa ---was going to get Dan to pay when we arrived. They paid off the taxi --probably way too much, and off we went.
> So enter the country. We were going to eat some airplane food ---kids are tired of that - no way. Ate popcorn and watched vegie-tales while they cleaned up and got cooler. The heat is not so bad - Gideon is sweaty and black on his knees and tops of feet. I took a few pictures.
> Our car is still being worked on, so we are hoofing it with taxis. I'm here with the kids, Dan and co. - whoever wants to go, went for food ---trying to get a phone working so we can talk with Andy and co.-staying at another place. We'll get together for dinner I'm sure.
> Okay, off I go. Have a great weekend.
> Love,
> Joan
PS. We got the cutest little bichon --small white puppy. Just what we need - right? YES. I was praying for that too.

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