Monday, November 15, 2010

Seth Won - but not big money

I am so sorry ---I just found you in another spot - so you have not been getting my little notes ----probably better for you?  
Hello to you - all our fine friends,  November 14th
We are on our way back from the National Bible Bee.  Seth did not win the big money, but he sure did win from God.  Last year's winner had a good talk about --ONE WORD ---THE one word worth the 100,000 dollars ---he went on more, but the idea was WISDOM. (And that is what we have been focusing on in our personal devotions.  Wisdom is more priceless than rubies.  And more than that - Jesus Christ.  Have you ever thought of wisdom being God's beauty in the Old Testament ---the personification of Jesus in the OT ---Wisdom - seek her.  Anyway, it is true ---you can go to all the colleges you want and get all the degrees you want, yet you can only get wisdom from God. 
We were disappointed for Seth ---he wanted to make it; but the fact is, all of these kids have learned ALL the verses (800).  It was the written test that was to decide the outcome.  Seth does not read as well as some and did not have time to finish the test.  Though he only left five - well, he didn't leave them,  just filled in answers-  all of the finalists were able to finish.  Most were girls (I think 2 boys).   Seth got all of the reciting exactly right ----and so did the others.  When time ran out, the judges had to take the top scores from the written test.   Well, that part of the stress is over.  We have had a great time.  That was the swankiest hotel we have ever been in and it was super to be with all these people of like mind.  
There was a man there whose ministry is "And God said."  He has a powerpoint put together of the awesome creation of God ---so many beautiful, amazing pictures to go with what he has memorized ---takes over 30 min. of God's Word memorized and goes with the pictures ---just so good.  I did not even realize what was going on ---thought it was a recording or something; then saw him down there speaking - no notes, verses put together ---Tim McKenzie.  It was good!!  
We enjoyed a "picnic" lunch (How is it a picnic when you are drinking out of goblets? ---at least there was chicken and watermelon.) with Tom Harmon and Bill Gothard.   They were each of them encouraging and challenging.  We enjoyed the pool, (I even was able to walk a mile in the exercise room.)  banquet, dulcimer music by Ted Yoder and speakers.  
Now, on to Africa --here we come.  Andy found out we can check in the luggage early and that everyone gets 2 carry-ons.  That helps out a lot --we should not have any excess baggage.  Anything that does not fit we will just carry. 
Off I go.  Thanks for all the prayer.  Seth is driving right now ---we go between him and Lydia.  See, we need MUCH prayer.  They are driving well ----we still can not relax though.
Joan and Dan
 It has been great ---we gained an hour ---helped us get here on time!!!  So, we stay up late on their time - but it is actually an hour later for us ---what a way to live.  We have been doing that since the time fell back too ---and now this is double.  It is nice for the brain though - fun.  Wish we could just live like that ---get up (late on the old time so feel refreshed and happy that you are actually getting started with your day an hour earlier) get your work all done - eat lunch late ---but remember you are really an hour early so okay with that; get the kids to bed on the old time if you feel like it and feel good that you are a whole hour early ---or get to bed late and feel good because it really isn't that late - - whatever.  Mixed up reasoning has been happening this week for sure with all the time changes ---and we are about to have a lot more.  

Andy and Becky wrote up the prayer requests so well; I am passing them along to you.  
1.      Ivory Coast is holding run-off presidential elections a week after we arrive.  Pray for peace and stability in the country.
2.     Traveling can get complicated at times.  Please pray for the children (and the parents) as they endure this 24 hour trip.  Pray that our bags (48+ check-ins) will all arrive in Ivory Coast when we do.  Pray that our vehicles will be in good running condition once we arrive in the country.  We still have a five hour "off-road-maniacs, dream come true" road trip to our home.  Please don't let that scare you from coming out for a visit.
3.     Our group includes three missionary interns (Julia, Nikki, and Calie) who will be assisting our families with the home schooling and various ministries.  Pray for their adjustment to the African life and for their safety and sanity while out there.
4.     Our shipping container arrives in Ivory Coast around the 8th of December.  Pray that the complication$ will be minimal.

5.     We really want to see God do great things in Ivory Coast.  Pray for His will do be done and souls to be saved and lives to be transformed with His Word.

Dan and I say a huge THANK YOU to those who pray for and/or give financially to our ministry.  May the Lord bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think.  He has already done that for us through each of you.  This furlough has been such a blessing.  Our hearts have been touched greatly by so many of God's servants.  We have enjoyed such great fellowship with you and listened to some great preaching---Always growing in the Lord.
You are officially invited to Africa.  We would love to see you all one day out there.  Please let us know if you are up to the challenge. 


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