Sunday, December 19, 2010

Job's faith

> I really did like this read.

> This is good for me right now.
>> Job's faith may not enable him to fathom the mysteries of God, nor to
> solve the riddles of his providence. He may not comprehend how these things
> are. But he knows that God is all-perfect and all-glorious, and he has that
> confidence in him which assures him that these things must be so. If he has
> sent affliction, this is not even a temporary interruption of his favour
> [sic] and love, though these are sure to shine forth again hereafter,
> clearly and fully. Nor is it enough to say that affliction is capable of
> being reconciled with the divine love. It is itself a fruit of that love.
> God is equally loving and gracious when he sends affliction and when he
> sends prosperous abundance.
>> From William Henry Green (1825-1900). "Confict and Triumph, the Argument
> of the Book of Job Unfolded." (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 1999).
> 151.

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