Tuesday, October 12, 2021

october letter

October 2021

Hello from North Carolina. It is hard to believe that we have been in America a whole year and are now planning our return to Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa.  Praise God that the country is still open and that we can travel freely with the Covid test.  We are refreshed and ready to go. Things that needed to get done have been happening.

Moriah Faith, born on July 28, is healthy and well.  Richard and Ruth Jertberg are still waiting for Madagascar to open. They are getting paperwork done so that they are ready to leave.

Both Josiah and Rebekah got their drivers' licenses. That took longer than normal with the offices running on low staff.  As missionaries, it is great to leave our kids in America with licenses and cars to drive.  Praise God, we all survived the permit phase. 

Right after an MK teen camp, Josiah started his freshman year at Ambassador Baptist College in North Carolina.  He is doing quite well.  Rebekah is in her final year, and Isaiah is taking Master's classes.

Stephen and Martha took a one-month trip to visit Seth and Paige and to show Martha some of the mission field where Stephen grew up.  They just got back.  We are pursuing the idea of a jaw surgeon in Abidjan working on his jaw.  During this trip, Stephen left X-rays and records for the surgeon who had travelled to Paris.  So, that is still in the waiting and prayer room (smile).

Lydia went with Stephen and Martha and is in San Pedro, set up in our house and working at our Christian school. Seth and she are doing a great job organizing and getting the school going on better terms.

Dan has been able to get many house projects completed, making the home much more livable. 

Joan continues with home schooling and reaching out to our neighbors.  At least, she has witnessed to, prayed for, and invited to church all of them.  She has been a faithful Watchman (also, the great name of our college kids' league). She also likes to connect with PEOPLE on the Internet.  Joan loves to witness to the unsaved on the computer; if they talk back, you are having a conversation with a real person.  To her, that is better than knocking on doors; at least it is their choice, and they are focused on talking to you.  By ALL MEANS, win some. 

Dan, Joseph, and Gideon are planning to go back this month; while Esther and Joan are planning to wait for Hannah and Nathan's baby in December. 

Thank you for your prayers!  Pray as we travel. Pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. 

In His grip,

Dan and Joan

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