Tuesday, June 30, 2015

short news going fast

Dear Friends, and it has been great getting reacquainted with and meeting new friends,

I had better write fast before the wonderful news is past and the kids have returned. Short version; Ruth, Hannah, and Seth are in Jerusalem, Israel right now. They are having a super time learning more about Israel and being where Jesus walked. They are witnessing and being a shining light for Christ to many people who do not know their own King.
How did this trip come about? Spur of the moment --within about 2 weeks, the kids heard about and were accepted for a trip to Israel! Ruth, Hannah, and Seth--left at night for NYC. Dan got them a bus --great trip, $30 each. They arrived safely to my brother Nate in NYC, and left for Israel Tuesday, June 16th. They got lots of tracts in Hebrew to pass out --that is weight in the luggage. God takes care of us all the time. We DO love to travel, we HAVE had some great trips, and we DO get tired at times. Mat Staver with Liberty Counsel made this trip possible for college kids --only $500 each for everything ---flight, tour, food, hotels, ALL. Our kids had wanted to go to Israel "someday." Well, "Someday" has arrived. How wonderful is that??
Our big prayer request ---PRAY, we really want to buy a house around the college for the kids to live off campus ---It is always better to buy than to rent. Anyway, we are praying for the right house, timing, and location. It would save us in room and board for sure.

Bye for now.
Joan and Dan

PS. Some have asked how they can help. These are DESIRES that would be very appreciated:
1. Costume jewelry that you are tired of that I could use as gifts for ladies' groups, women seminars, etc.
2. Keyboards to give to the churches we are starting and working with.
2. Guitars or accordions that you no longer use, or even if you want to buy one - smile. We are needing these for our own children who are progressing in music and moving off to life on their own.

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