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May 2015

May 2015
       So, what has been happening to the big family on the road? There are so many stories of God leading us and taking care of us—how could we ever doubt Him? We look to past victories to have faith to keep all our confidence in Jesus Christ and His power and wisdom for the future. Walking by faith is a steady movement forward.
      After New York City, we had a nice time in Michigan with Dan's mom and family. We enjoyed meeting with friends at the BWM board meeting.  It is just great to travel and get reacquainted with old friends and make new ones.  I really cannot name each group or church and how much we enjoyed being with them.  I don't know who is blessing whom more—the church or us? I guess it would be God blessing us all. 
      From Michigan to North Carolina, the water pump on the van completely broke down. Yes, we had prayed for a safe, uneventful trip, and yet God showed His hand mighty once again.  We saw all the water on the ground while we were getting gasoline; it did not break down on the highway.  So, we went to a garage at 5:30 p.m. and found out that it would be a three-hour job, they could do it the next day, and it would cost almost $300.  They figured they would have to order the pump and called the car parts store, but there was one in stock. We drove over there to buy it, and Dan also bought the necessary tools to do the job himself. He turned his shirt inside out and Isaiah, Stephen, and he worked in the cold and did the job in three hours.  Meanwhile, I was praying in the van that all would go well.  We were parked in the car parts parking lot and a Holiday Inn was right next to us.  A little way into the job, Dan realized that he needed a channel lock wrench for the job. By now, the car parts store was closed. I went to the hotel to see if I could call anyone who could bring us that wrench.  Even while I was calling, the fashionable lady behind the desk said that she thought the hotel maintenance room had one.  I hung up on the answering machine, the lady brought the wrench, and Dan was able to finish the job. On we went at 9:30 p.m., praising God that we hadn't had to spend the night at that exit.
      Ruth graduated on May 8. The commencement messages were challenging.  We again realized why we wanted our kids to go to Ambassador Baptist College—to hear great preaching.  Pray for Ruth as she is discerning the next step for her life. 
      God brought us through a small, difficult situation and plopped us down (spur of the moment—meaning, unplanned) at the Whitestone Country Inn resort in Tennessee. We had beautiful weather for our three-night stay (swimming in the Tennessee River, canoeing, and loving all our time together outdoors).
      I can give stories of God taking care of us all the time. We pray that we are examples of Godliness—follow my example as I follow the example of Christ. Am I an example that others would want to follow? Are you?
      After Tennessee, we went through Arkansas, Texas, and spent a day down in Mexico, then back to Texas and on to Arizona. We had a great time in Mexico (we parked the car and walked over). One funny thing that happened on returning was that we had forgotten that you can't come into America with fresh fruits with seeds. We had bought lots of oranges, peaches, and avocado. The customs people were going to throw it all away, and that would have about killed us.  Anyway, they let us go back out and around, eat all our fruit and come across the border again. I'm sure it was a funny site—a group of Americans having a fruit picnic on the bridge.
      We travel with fresh food and a rice cooker. With the rice cooker and microwaves that are available everywhere, we can cook almost anything we want to eat. It is very fun being creative and flexible.
      Praise the Lord for health and safety and a whole lot of fun. Serve God and have fun doing it. Walking by faith is not always easy, but God promises that it will be well worth it all. 
      Thanks for all your prayers. Please pray for the tract ministry as we distribute tracts everywhere we go, even Spanish tracts down in Mexico.  "The Bridge" booklet is very nice.  We pray that they will be read and that God will convict and save some.  Who knows who we might meet someday in heaven?  His Word does not return void. That is a promise to help us act by faith and distribute them.  Just pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives.
Keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

Servants of the most High God,
Dan and Joan and Twelve

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