Wednesday, September 10, 2014

June 2014

    Ruth is here and has started working at the hospital.  The more time she spends over there, the more she sees the need to have a Christian-run maternity clinic.  These people do not know what they are missing or what they are getting themselves into by walking through the hospital doors.  Ruth has seen many medical treatments (how things are done here), and it is not so good.

    The month started with a baptism of 12— two in our church in Lac and ten in the village.  This is always an exciting way to start the month.  In the village, we have to use a ladder for the candidates to get in and out of the tank.  This time, we forgot the ladder, so were using a chair.  The funny thing was that one lady got into the tank and sat down on the chair ready to be baptized. It was funny.

    Then, Hannah, Seth, and Kenny Hafner, a friend from Bible college, came to help with the ministry this summer. Seth and Hannah have been helping with visitation, which has to be done in French, so we are so happy to have them. Kenny has taken over the youth class, with Hannah or Lydia interpreting, and also will preach next Sunday, since Dan will be getting back from Abidjan. Lydia and Susanna are going to take the SAT. Lydia is planning, Lord willing, to go to Ambassador Baptist College this fall. Seth has been preaching in the village and doing visitation there. He also helps Dan grade papers for his class.

    Dan continues to teach the men's Bible school (How to Preach) three hours every Sunday afternoon, while Ruth is teaching the ladies' class (How to Teach). Sundays are very full with Sunday school, church, women and youth classes, afternoon Bible school, youth activities, and anyone left over—that would be Hannah and Seth—out for visitation.  There is always a lot to be done; we are only limited by our time and energy.  Wednesday and Friday meetings continue as well.  All that to say, pray for us all the time. All these services are every week and take time to prepare for. We do get tired.   

    A woman's finger was terribly infected (a thorn left under the fingernail), almost to the point of gangrene. This is about four days into treatment of soaking and antibiotics.  It is doing better now.

    Also all of the kids have piano lessons.  I have loved turning some of these lessons over to Hannah and Seth for the summer.  They have learned a lot in college and are passing some of it along to their siblings.  

    Hannah, Ruth and I performed another delivery at home.  It was fun with everyone helping and knowing what to do, and no one got too tired.  God blessed and all went well. After all the clean up, the African civet got into the trash and scattered that everywhere. It was a mess to clean.

    All those cases happened the same week as the big Mother's Day celebration that our church was in charge of.  Praise the Lord, that went so smoothly with lots of fun, food and a great message.

    Now, we are regrouping and planning the next outreach. Our goal is to encourage them to WANT to reach their friends and neighbors and equip the saints, so they can do it.  Pray for God to increase His church.

    Love in Christ,

Dan, Joan, Ruth Marie, Hannah, Seth, Lydia, Susanna, Isaiah, Stephen, Rebekah, Josiah, Joseph, Esther and Gideon.

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