Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rain, rain and Mud

This has been the most rain we have seen in years - down it comes week after week ---though we might be coming out of it.
Just a few pictures. Not only do we have to keep going, we have to keep going over terrible roads and through lots of mud. Using the 4WD might be fun for a while, but it does get old.
Last Sunday Dan let Ruth off in Petite Pedro for the ladies' class at 1 PM and continued on to Blahou for his class. On the return trip at 4:30 PM they had started road repair. He was stuck there until 9:30 PM ---5 hours!! Out here they don't just leave one lane open ---you are all stuck in both directions while they work ---and there is only one road and you can't go through the jungle. Ruth and Seth were each able to hitchhike home ---out here it is called "auto stop." Times like that we are thankful for cell phones.
All those water pot-holes are terrible to ride over, and where that blue car is stuck in the mud is impassible now.

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