Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi everyone!

I am away from Ivory Coast --now you get the benefit of a quick note about a dual ministry --Dan there and Me in NYC.

First, mission accomplished. My niece had a fairly smooth delivery on April 16th (Are any first deliveries very smooth?). Strong labor was about 7 hours during the day --God's timing is so very nice. Jonathan was born at 8 lb. 8 oz. healthy and fine. Both Laurelyn and Jonathan are doing fine. He is cute as you can see --even smiles a lot --how is that for a newborn. I am so happy for them and am glad I was able to be here and help out after the delivery as well. I guess I am the Great Aunt - smile. I've also been able to teach a few times and help with their VBS just a little --it has been fun; along with enjoying free time to read and do Bible study --so good.

Meanwhile, my wonderful husband has been taking care of the house, ministry, baby, 10 kids. He misses me - a good thing, smile. Maybe someday he will give his perspective on the matter of how it feels to be FRIED.

The village ministry is going so good. Seth started going out there by taxi (cost $3.00 for that), preaching in French on Sundays; and they still go together on Fridays. The room has been packed out and we need to take more chairs next time --that is a wonderful problem. Also people have been getting saved and soon we will have a baptism. We love growing pains. Keep praying for GOD to open their understanding and convict of sin to repentance.

Keep praying for my travel. Next week I leave for the Philippines --a month with Ruth and Hannah. Keep praying for Dan and all the kids at home!!! Thanks a lot.

Joan and Dan

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