Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a few pictures

Well, the great trip is about to begin so I wanted to write a quick note before I leave. As Rebekah said, "Calendars sure go by fast." Yes, they surely do. Pray much for all the upcoming travel (America to Manilla to Davao and back, 5 flights to go and 5 flights to come) and for the family still here in Africa. It is nice to have skype to be able to talk frequently.
The latest news is that Seth is now going out to the village on Sunday mornings to preach in French. Then he stays out there to do visitation and comes back later in the afternoon. Pray for God to open their hearts and for Seth to have power as he preaches and witnesses.
Dan is showing films both on Thurs. night and on Friday night --evangelistic films. Pray for open hearts. What a wonderful time to think about heaven - Resurrection Day. I like that better than "Happy Easter." May God bless you as we remember the power of the resurrection!!
We are studying Revelation. It is a sobering book, yet one to motivate us to get out there and witness --and then witness some more; compel them to come in. Do not grow tired. If they die without Christ they will suffer forever. They will cry tears of suffering and regret for all eternity. Keep someone in your prayers and look for opportunities to share Jesus with them. Time seems so short.
Love in Christ,
Dan and Joan
Here are a few pictures by Susanna----us, our kids in order of age, and the some of the zoo - we left off the dogs.

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