Friday, April 1, 2011

Life in the Situation

Dear All you praying friends,
If you have been following the news in Ivory Coast, you might think it doesn't look good. Actually, things are going along super. We are not politically inclined, of course, we have our opinions; but we are here to see who wins. The whole "war" is over the presidency --not tribal or against foreigners. We had heard that when the "rebels" took over a village, they shoot into the air and get the guards to lay down their guns and surrender ---if not, they fight. It has not been against civilians at all, so we have felt safe to stay ---just stay in your house and you will be okay. It is better than staying in a stalemate.
They did come to our city - San Pedro and have taken it over. All that means is that there are different black guys with curly hair at the check points. Seth has been out to pass out tracts to the new group and they have those stuck to their cars. People are still in a "stay at home" mode and the markets are closed. We have enough food to go on and enjoy life for a while. It is great that the take-over is past and we are praying for things to calm down soon ---get the markets back open.
Before any of this happened, Andy and Becky had sprayed inside their house with a chemical that kills mosquitoes. Andy has been having a reaction to the smell and has had migraine level headaches. So, they had moved in with us so that they could scrub down their walls, screens, etc. to get the smell out. In some places, the smell won't be gone and they are having to paint. Doesn't that sound so nice? - a clean, house make-over? Anyway, they have been living with us all this time. The kids have loved it ---as have we enjoyed having these days together. Andy has been feeling better - he was taking very strong pain medicine around the clock.
In the situation the soldiers want cars ---it is not wise to go out in cars or with cell phones - might get stolen. In God's timing, both of our cars have problems ---battery and starter problems. When they came to try to get our cars they wouldn't start - smile. It was funny really. They guy jumped to go over the gate --there was Dan to meet him. "Why didn't you knock? Do you think you need to jump over the gate?" Anyway, they came twice, but the cars wouldn't start so off they went. They did take our neighbors' two cars. The first one they dented before they even got it out the gate. They dented the gate as well. If they don't die in the war, they might die from not knowing how to drive.
I am very calm. Yes, we have heard gun fire. I'd say, "for some reason," but we know it is God who gave me this personality; I have not felt the least bit of fear or anxiety and absolutely no desire to be out of here. In fact, when Becky and Andy first came up we had been without water for 4 days already ---getting a bit nasty. The water has come back on in full force which means; lots of drinking water, laundry is done, house is clean, life has gotten better. Nadege came to work this morning - the new girl that is working for me. She said the soldiers asked her business and told her, "We are not here to loot or do bad, we are here to save you. Don't be afraid. We want people to carry on as normal."
Thanks for all your prayers. Pray for things to calm down quickly. Pray for Abidjan where they are still fighting. Pray that the former president will be allowed to leave safely. Pray that God will use this unrest to bring even more people to Him.
School continues as normal and it is time for me to go.
Love in Christ,
Joan and Dan

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