Tuesday, April 5, 2011

country update

A lot has happened in the country this week. Last week they were at a stalemate in Abidjan. This week ---the then "rebels," --now called the "new leaders" took over many cities, including San Pedro. There has been a minimum of fighting and it has been contained between the soldiers. We have seen no dead bodies ---there were probably a few, and it is over. We have been waiting to see which president would win in Abidjan. Today the former president signed a cease-fire and declared Ouattara the winner. Since the international community is backing him, things should go back to normal very quickly ---as in: trucks should again be moving, embargoes lifted, banks opened, people happy. Already the markets are open, some stores, all the little shops, bread bakeries, and - last, but not least - the kids are out looking for bullet casings. Today, since it is "over" the soldiers were shooting it up a bit - celebration shots I guess. It was like a small 4th of July. I told the kids they should be able to find a lot of bullets tomorrow.
Thanks for all your prayers. People have been scared. We have been witnessing a lot and passing out lots of tracts. There are lots of people walking or just sitting about "visiting." Our neighbor, who is never usually at home, talked with Dan for a couple of hours today. He is Catholic. They are so close and yet so far away. His wife, who I witnessed to a lot last term who was very closed, left him.
Pray that the country continues to settle down and that businesses will reopen and people go back to work. Pray for the spiritual growth of those in our churches and for new people to get saved.
Love in the Lord,
Joan and Dan

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