Tuesday, September 23, 2008


How to begin? – Rebecca died.  It was a sad ending to us, yet also happy as we believe she was saved and is in heaven with no more suffering, poverty, or pain.  Money was given to help her husband take the children to another town to be with her family and to hopefully go to school.  

            The great news is that the three girls accepted Christ before leaving.  They seemed to understand and the Bible says we must have faith as a child.  Just accept Jesus Christ’s finished work on Calvary and take it for yourself.  

            Please continue to pray for Laurent and the kids.  Her family has offered another wife for him among her sisters.  We will wait and see the outcome of this –if one is saved and ready to take on a family.  

            Right now we have another baby girl staying with us for a week while her mother is at a ladies’ camp.  I am beginning to feel like we are running a foster home.  This is a ministry as well as it lets the mother get some intense teaching on how to be a Titus 2 woman which is what the camp/seminar is about this year.  

            School is in full swing and Tabitha has made it here safely to help me with some of the home schooling.  


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