Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 29, 2008

  • I have not been on here in ages and so much has been happening. I have been heavily involved with Rebecca’s care and going back and forth to the hospital with food and buying medicines. It would take too long to tell of all the ups and downs with the hospital and what goes on there. The final outcome was that she died at Messer’s house (my sister and brother-in-law). We tried very hard and still do not know what she had. She was treated for most of the possibilities –even TB though there was never a positive skin test. She was so malnourished and even with all that we know “Our days are all numbered.” So, we did our best and leave it with God.
    Meanwhile, the baby boy has been staying with us for these three weeks and the three girls have been with Andy and Becky. Our washing machine just broke two days ago and the diapers are all dirty – I reckon we’ll use hand towels tonight. Dan is in the process of borrowing our brother Sammy’s to help us out till the piece can be brought from America. We have a girl coming out to stay with us for a year and she is coming Sept. 11th.
    I will tell you about one day at the hospital in the midst of the corruption. No one takes care of patients there. The “doctor” (really a nurse) will write a prescription and the patient is to go get it filled at whatever pharmacy he can find it in and then give it to the patient as he sees fit. He can ask the “doctor” and then he has to remember to give it or the patient will not get it.
    Meanwhile when they do labs. or procedures – also up to the family to go get the vials, tubing, cotton, alcohol, or whatever you need; some of them were taking money on the side. We would give the man money to buy food, help buy medicines if we were not around, and they would come and do a procedure and ask for money though that was the part that was their job – like hang the IV, or take out the fluid from the abdomen.
    Well, someone had taken $12.00 for a procedure and I was a bit tired physically and just tired of the whole situation so went and talked to the director. I explained everything and he then went and talked to the head doctor of the medical department. I had been in the room about 10 minutes when he walked in and wanted to know, “Who took this woman’s money?” He got a description of the man who had done the procedure and there on the spot pulled out his own wallet and reimbursed Laurent. I was pleased to say the least. If you know anything about Africa you know that this is almost unheard of.
    In all of this, I had an opportunity to again offer myself to teach a class to the midwives. They are now pursuing that possibility. I sort of did not want to think of that –where will I find that time?—but do think it is important if the opportunity comes my way. The first step will be to show that we are all God’s creation ---establish the importance of life, created by God and a clear gospel witness.
    Rebecca died on Sunday night and the burial was Friday. Dan and Andy preached and clearly gave the gospel. The three little girls accepted Christ with Becky, so that is wonderful. This couple is saved and baptized. The great thought is that Rebecca was living in poverty and pain and truly did die and go to heaven. What a contrast there has been for her.
    Her family has said to bring the children to them. They also said that Rebecca has sisters and he could come and pick another wife. Isn’t that what they did in Bible times? Smile. Maybe this will be a good solution for him. We cautioned him to make sure she is saved and bring her over to visit us.
    We have been going along with school; the kids are great and can do so much on their own. Some sort of headache with chills bug went around – bizarre. Was just like malaria but the kids got better without the treatment; eight of them had it so you can imagine that stress. We are ready to settle down ---is there such a thing? We pray a lot, rely on God and He keeps us sane. Where would we go if not to Him?
    Thanks for all the prayers.

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