Sunday, September 12, 2021

May prayer letter

Besides visiting our friends in our churches, one of our goals is to make more living space.  Dan and the boys (all the wonderful young men who live around us - smile) have been working hard doing house repairs; they have built some decks together, some bunk beds, and a screen door to prevent the flies from living with us. 

Mainly on May 15, Richard and Ruth moved out of our house into their own double-wide mobile home.  Praise God that they are now home in their own beautiful spot in the forest, thereby freeing up a lot of space in our house.  Praise God for His blessings. They continue to wait for Madagascar to open. Ruth's pregnancy is going well.

Matthew and Susanna's wedding on April 10 was a beautiful, modest wedding.  Praise God for children who desire to walk in Truth.  God's Word is Truth. Being GOD's Word of necessity makes the Bible perfect, authoritative, alive, and much more — wow.  I love to dwell on the Truth. John 17:17 is one of my favorite teaching verses.  

We have visited with many wedding guests; so sweet to see family and friends again.  I FORGOT who bought us some flatware last furlough, but it was nice to finally put it in the drawer right before our wedding friends arrived.  Rebekah had fun putting it in the drawer; silverware that matches!  Thank you.

I, Joan (Though my name is spelled "Joan," it is pronounced "JoAnn."  I do not mind either way), had fun helping with Daniel and Azariah at the BWM conference at Camp Joy.  What cool weather we had, even snow! 

Isaiah, Stephen, and Martha graduated on May 7.  They were all happy to be finished!

We leave for Michigan on May 14 looking forward to preaching and visiting with all our friends in the north. 

Stephen and Martha's wedding is planned for June 19 in Illinois.  From Illinois, we head back to Michigan.  Please continue to pray about Stephen's jaw surgery. For now, we are exploring other insurance options.

Thank you again for praying for us.  Pray much for our road safety, especially for our new drivers.  I just heard a drama presentation:  For Teenage drivers: 'Please, God, I'm only 17.'  I think all permit drivers should read this.  The other drama which is very convicting is Amy Carmichael's dream, The Cry of Blood.  Rebekah just memorized and presented this for a class.  I hope you will look these up.

Many blessings on you. 

In His grip,

Dan and Joan

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