Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December 2018

We DO wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I hope you are not worn out with running around shopping.  I am really glad that we "miss that scene;" buying things out of necessity for people who don't need them.  Life is a lot more calm and simple out here without all of the commercialism.  I do hope you enjoy the Christmas musicals, activities, the beautiful snow, and the extra opportunities to witness and share God's love.

I have another GREAT IDEA for outreach!!!  This one is good, and we have already been doing it and NEED some help. It is hard to find gifts for MEN.  Dan has made two different memory chips; one for evangelism and the other for discipleship. They have Christian music, the tract of The Lamb, the audio Bible, books, Evangelistic and other Christian movies that are in French, the hymnbook that we put together for church, and other materials.  For the unsaved, Dan leaves off the books and the study guides.  Two songs are sounding in my head: "Let Them Know" and "By All Means Tell Them" (Psalm 126:5-6 and Acts 26:18).  There, I did not preach, but if you look these up they are wonderful verses. I have been misapplying Acts 26:18.  That verse is to us; God has sent US to open their eyes; God has given all power to US to open their eyes —preach the Word; wow, what a privilege.  We continue to PRAY.  All that to say, YOU can be part of this ministry. 

Paige is having their second baby girl in January.  Hannah is having their first child in March. I am planning to go to America in February to assist with that birth.  If YOU WANT to be a part of the Evangelistic outreach with the memory chips, you could order some online and have them shipped to:

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Timblin
3161 W. Avenida Isabel
Tucson, AZ  85746

Then I can bring them back out when I come.  Dan gets the 16 GB Micro SD memory chips on Amazon for about $4.00 each.  We have already been giving out many of these. In this age of technology, the people love this. I pray that this will be a great tool for God to take back some of what the devil has spoiled.  This is not just random passing out memory chips on the street, but giving to people we have witnessed to or are teaching and discipling — teaching tools. We do believe that people here will use this since they don't have these materials available to them and since they love to do things on their devices.  Let the Word of God be heard! 

Maybe the bugs in the woodwork are dead, and hopefully the water leaks are fixed. Dan preached at a funeral and the burial service (you would be appalled at the details--ask, if you want a short paragraph).  Besides our regular teaching and preaching, we have helped with a wedding, a ladies' outing at the beach, organizing a Christmas play, and another birth in our home.  There is no space to include the details of each of those things.

Thank you for your prayers!  May God bless you!

Merry Christmas,

Dan and Joan

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