Monday, March 31, 2014

A (bad or good?) day??? no pictures this time

So, a phone call was a blow. One of our "better" teachers was accused of sin by a woman in his neighborhood. Dan went out to see about the situation. After finding out it was true and the man confessed --bottom line, we are without a teacher for 2nd grade and also our song leader. It is very hard --here and everywhere, the devil is at work. I just want to tell the men --leave the girls alone!!!

Then Saturday was going nice enough, not so hot, planned visitation in the afternoon, piano lessons in the morning - run out and buy some potatoes. WELL, here is where the story goes in a twist. In turning left I HIT a man on a motorcycle!!! - almost straight on my front left side. It was SO BAD. WHERE did he come from?? One of my worst nightmares - accident - just messes up your day!! So, of course, we were stopped there and drawing a crowd. I was praying for sure. The man was okay --nothing broken, 3 small scrapes. I was just saying, "sorry, sorry, sorry." So, I got the motorcycle moved off the street, put the man in my car and took him home to fix his wounds. The crowd was saying --Don't worry, she will take you to the hospital, she is white, it will be okay. Right - we are trying NOT to get the hospital involved. So, off we went -I cleaned and bandaged the spots --called Dan to please come with me and check out the motorcycle. The man as well said he had never been in an accident.....It was a chance to witness ---and I was thinking, "Lord, I didn't really have to meet this man this way. What do You want here." To the man - "We are going along our way but God has a different plan. We didn't plan this meeting or this accident, but maybe and for sure, God wants you to know Him." He was maybe in his 20's and was also shook up. He was saying ---"This is a bad Saturday. Saturday is not for me." I said, "Maybe it is not so bad. You can meet Jesus and we will of course give you some money to help you along." We also gave him a John and Romans booklet.

So, the motorcycle plastic was "undone" but not broken or cracked --Dan was able to pop it back into place --I don't know anything about all of that. Dan was able to pull the fender back out into place. We gave the man $20 and all went on with our day. Praise God it was not way worse. I KNOW, God was taking me down a peg ---don't just think things are going well. Be more careful when you drive. Don't think this will never happen to you.

On we went to buy the potatoes and I saw my Moslem friend Amie who I have been witnessing to forever --the last 15 years off and on at least. She is the one who started to sell vegetables to me. There she was in the market --and I had already planned to go visit her at her home --she is pregnant and is not usually at the market. While I was in Ferke, I got some booklets - "The Way to Heaven" in their dialect (Jula)--and I especially got one for her. So, back I went to witness to her and give her that booklet. I only have 3, but the other ladies want one as well. I give to those who can read.

Then in leaving the market, there was the crazy lady walking down the street. I hadn't seen her for a while. Word is that she is pregnant ---how terrible is that??!! So, I bought her some food and gave the plan of salvation to her and prayed "over" her?? She didn't say a word - I don't think she can talk. She seemed to understand that I was going to buy her some food. I also explained the Evangicube to her. I don't know if she understood at all.....The people around were very curious to what I was talking to the crazy woman about - smile.

Okay, no pictures this time. I don't think you would appreciate a picture of the crazy lady. Dan and I did visitation in the afternoon -an elderly man who listened well, understood, a former police. I think there will be some fruit there so we are praying for him. That contact came because one of the school kids was sick and I went to visit the family. The school boy was in church today.

The electricity is off (which is why this can't be sent right now) --I really whacked my leg on a chair in the dark and it is hard to keep cold water going since the fridge is off as well. Lots of kids came home from church to play with our kids --so goes life.
Thank you for your prayers!!! We don't even know the tragedies that we miss because God keeps them from us.
Joan and Dan

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