Monday, January 20, 2014

Ruth Marie

We are sending you this letter on behalf of our daughter Ruth.  She has been in Bible School in NC, but in thinking of what she feels God wants her to do, asked if she could work with us here in Côte d'Ivoire for several months.  We are thrilled!  We always welcome help from short-term people, but even more from our own children who want to serve God.

We are sure that God will provide in His timing and in His way, but would like to ask you to consider investing in her ministry with us this year. The approximate cost is: airfare and transport to and from San Pedro, Cote d'Ivoire = $1600, monthly expenses = $1000 (6 ½ months x $150 per month). If you are able to help with any of these expenses, you can send a gift/support to our home church designated "Ruth Cuthbertson Short-term Ministry."

Evangel Baptist Church 

16994 Telegraph Rd. 

Taylor MI, 48180-5108

Thanks for all your prayers and support for us over the years!  If you want Ruth's email address, it is:

Letter from Ruth:

Dear Friends,

As you know, I have been attending Ambassador Baptist College (and enjoying it very much!). I am so thankful that God has led me to such a great school!! The teachers are very experienced and they really want us, the students, to succeed. We are now on Christmas break and are spending it in NY with our cousins. We have been having a great time fellowshipping and playing games and working together with them in the ministry.

Instead of going back to school this next semester, I am planning to go to Africa from January till August. My plan, Lord willing, is to return to Ambassador in the fall and attend one more year of classes. I am so excited for a few reasons… I will get to see my family, which I have not seen since before finishing my midwifery training – since July of 2011. I plan to use this time to work in the hospital to help me have a better understanding of their medical protocols and how I can work in their system. Also, I will consider it as a sort of survey trip for starting a maternity clinic; I will work to find a potential location, get some pricing, figure out a time frame and what we would need regarding the government.

If you know what my family does, you know that they are always running and very busy with 3 church works including 2 in the villages, teaching in the Christian school, Bible studies, Bible school, and many children's programs. I am looking forward to working with them in the ministry and lightening their load - giving a slight reprieve, which would make them more effective in the long run. I love to share the gospel and see lives changed! My greatest desire is to help people and in so doing, see them get saved or grow spiritually. 

Please pray for me that I would be used of God in a great way and that souls would be saved. My desire is to glorify God with my life and to serve Him with all my strength.

In Christ,

Ruth Cuthbertson

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