Thursday, November 21, 2013


November 2013


We are having a rainy snap—so nice after all the hot, dry days. The kids are out playing in the rain—sound fun?

            Last month I was able to do two deliveries. It is always great fun to be a part of a huge miracle. One delivery was right after church and was super fun and quick. God's timing is always so amazing to see. The other was an overnight, long work, which Lydia and Susanna got to watch. That was fun with them helping and learning a little of the birth process. 

            School started at the end of August, and I am teaching Bible in our church school three days a week from 4:30–5:30 p.m. There are over 120 students from first to sixth grade. Some days it is more of a challenge than others to keep all these kids quiet, listening and learning as they sit squished into benches in the heat.  We are trying to get more benches made so we won't have to be pulling benches from the other rooms every time. I do love teaching—especially Bible. Not only do I get to teach the foundations of life but also we can reach out to their families. I give them tracts and booklets of John and Romans to take home to their parents. Now we are working on invitations we can put in the booklets and send home with the kids. People love to receive literature out here. Pray that they read it and that God will open their eyes to the truths of His Word. He promises that His Word does not return void. My job is to learn it, speak it, live it and pass it out. It is God's part to bless it, open eyes and use it in their hearts to change lives.

            A group of six men from Ambassador Baptist Church in MI was just here to help out and encourage us. Pastor Elwart preached and preached - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday again (all of Dan's times). Dan did the translating. Pastor also did an all-day seminar in the village on future events.  Each of the men gave his testimony. They really encouraged us and the people. They seemed to enjoy Africa and also the ministry. One in the group is an artist. He traced and everyone helped paint a mural for the church, which was a huge project.  Three pieces of plywood had to be prepped, framed and painted. Then Erik traced the scene (three 8-feet-tall pieces): the manger scene, Calvary and the Resurrection.  We will put it at the church as a way to display the Gospel (John 3:16). Our church is called Evangel Baptist Church and exists to get the Gospel out, search and rescue. 

            The men also fixed bikes and motorbikes and painted the bottom trim of the stairs.  We had run out of paint for the bottom trim.  So there the stairs were—all nice and a wrong smudgy color toward the bottom.  What to do?  Dan wanted to redo the whole thing.  Then we got the idea—just draw a line and paint the bottom part a different color.  We asked Erik, the artist in the group.  "Sure, do it ORANGE!"  (The rest of the wall is a grey-blue.)  It really looks sharp! It is nice—better than before, and better than I was imagining it could be.  When will I learn to relax and wait on God? His timing is always perfect, and His ways are ALWAYS better than mine. 

            We also took the team to the beach here and also a day to Grand Bereby, a beautiful bay not far from here. Though the day was overcast, the water was very warm, and no one got sunburned. Susanna even came home with some exotic ocean frog fish for her ocean aquarium that Erik helped her set up. The kids have been having fun going to the beach, catching minnows and watching the frog fish eat them—not my kind of thing at all. 
So you see it was a busy week—preaching,
testimonies, projects, fixing bikes, painting projects, fun and food. Erik even sandwiched in an art class which everyone enjoyed. 

            The day before they left, they got to experience a new monkey; someone brought him to the gate to sell.  He is tiny.  Our whole house gets happy when we get a new little pet.  I think the men enjoyed, at least a little bit, living in the zoo. 

            On Friday Dan took the team to Abidjan, and now they are back home.  Thanks for all your prayers for us.  We are so thankful that God has called us to serve Him here, and are thankful for your part in keeping us in this ministry. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  May God bless you. 


Love in Christ,


Dan and Joan, Lydia, Susanna, Isaiah, Stephen, Rebekah, Josiah, Joseph, Esther, Gideon (Ruth Marie, Hannah, and Seth in Bible college)


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