Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dan is back

Hello again! Better frequent shorter letters than one long epistle I think. Friday we had just arrived in the village for our meeting when I got a call that my mom had slipped and fallen - she is 77. I left the group to carry on --Praise the Lord for Seth to lead singing and preach, Isaiah to play the guitar, Lydia on piano, and Lydia and Hannah teaching the children. We have a great team of faithful kids. Susanna was holding up the fort at home.
I could see that something was definitely out of place. An x-ray showed that Momma had dislocated her wrist - praise the Lord it was not completely broken. Since it was Friday night, nothing was going to happen any time fast. Back we were for a 9 AM Saturday appointment --not fast either. They put Momma to sleep to reset the wrist and didn't get their "group" together until 11:45 --a doctor, an anesthesiologist, and another doctor. Meanwhile, I had to go out and buy the necessary supplies. Hannah was allowed to watch - fun for her. After all was done - another x-ray to make sure it was done right. Here is Seth getting beaten in arm-wrestling ---can't win over a cast.
Dan just got back from America. I am so happy to have him back on this continent. He came up on the bus today. I will happily give him back our wall problem ---though I think it might be almost at the end. The men have been working hard.
Thanks for all your prayers --for us, for Momma now, and for our wall situation. Pray for Ruth as she is traveling --to the Philippines - then to China to do a delivery - then back to the states. All the young adults go back to Ambassador in August. Love in Christ,

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