Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's me again --Hannah

Hello Friends,
I have good news! We are finished all our midwifery schooling and assignments! Yay! Stress is much relieved. Now we just have practice tests and then our final exam before we leave here in September. So the stress of schooling and getting assignments done is gone. We even got all our papers and application and requirements sent to NARM (North American Registry of Midwives) to apply for the exam. That is going to be on September 27 in Monterey, California. We are still praying for funds for all the traveling and for the NARM (it costs $700 each just to take the test). The NARM is the final board exam that we have to take to become Certified Professional Midwives. It is an 8-hour test that is only given a few times a year in specified locations. It's a big deal--smile.
We have lots of decisions to make as we decide what to do after this and where to go. Right now the plan is to take the NARM in September and then go to Bible school in January or February or whenever the semester starts. We are thinking to go to Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC, but are not 100% sure yet.

My mom and great aunt (Sandra Shaw) visited us for the month of May. They just left. It was fun spending time with them and being able to share of bit of our lives with them and for them to get to meet the people we've been living with for the past 2 years (will be 2 years in August).

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