Monday, June 28, 2010


Already, this is old news with us. God has answered many of these requests, and we are on the mend. Just in case any of you missed the news about Ruth and Hannah --THEY ARE GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES ON AUGUST 6. This will be a two-year missions trip where they will be working in a missionary-run maternity clinic for eight hours every day, apprenticing to be midwives. This "apprenticeship" is also accredited in America where they will receive certification as midwives. I had a single girl come out to help me in the clinic in Liberia, but I was not able to give certification. Since God is coming back so soon, they feel like this will be a great use of their time ---ministering and learning at the same time. They are both equipped to share their faith and lead someone to Jesus, and we are praying that God will use them mightily in the Philippines. Our home church and two individuals have given to help them with their expenses. Please pray that God will supply the remaining funds.

We have truly been PILGRIMS ON THE EARTH ---I really like that song: "We are only pilgrims on the earth, waiting for our Lord to come." We have been traveling this entire furlough and have just rented this place for the next five months. Does that sound like settling down to you? Well, it sounds great to me - even though we do have a trip up to New York in August. I WAS getting tired of the constant sorting and packing in the heat, but now I feel like there is an end in sight. Imagine Abraham traveling in tents all the time without even any books to read. We are truly spoiled. One of our churches - Faith Baptist in Palm Bay, Florida, - is sending out a container of Bibles and pamphlets of John and Romans, and we are trying to send out our stuff in there - lots to give away. Dan and Andy have been loading the container as well. This will help us all not to have so much to take with us.

We are "renting" - though it is minimal, a nice house with a POOL. Just thought I would capitalize that so you could see how God gives us cake along the way - and He does that over and over. Most missionaries go back to the field white --our kids are turning into brown bunnies. We are squished into three bedrooms, with some overflow into the living room, but that keeps the place picked up, and I keep getting rid of one more thing. There are so many of us, we do not have space for junk.

I know you have not heard from us in a while ---always lots going on. Joseph had a cavity, and we were looking for a dentist ---needed to get the tooth pulled. Then we found a very good Christian dentist - no metal, able to do a pulpotomy ---like a baby tooth root canal - saved the tooth (it is a baby molar that is supposed to be there until he is 12) and filled it with white composite. It still cost us $380. Question: "When was the last time you went to the dentist?" - like never? I wish we could have waited for African prices ---$10-$30 max. America, America.

Kids are in and out going to camp. That is a short blip for a lot of activity --sorting, packing, dropping off and picking up. We pray for them, and all the other campers, that God will work in their lives. A great book that they read and did reports on was Do Hard Things. You should get your teens to read it.

Seth's back ---he had a 2-inch cut from gouging it and it was gaping open. So, we decided to sew it shut down here ---this is after a week and a half, already starting to heal. Well, my friend didn't have any lidocaine (pain med). ---Seth said go for it, so I gave him three stitches. That is healed up now. I took the stitches out and am trying to put some oil that has vitamin E in it to help not have a big scar ---it is on his back though, and he is a boy.

This house just got the air conditioning fixed yesterday. I am quite happy about that!! Sorting and packing take on a double meaning in the heat. Dan just says we are getting ready for Africa ---though I did not want to get ready ahead of time. I set up a lawn chair to sit down with Gideon - did not have it set up right or something and the chair collapsed. I sat down hard on the cement and cracked or broke my tailbone. Well, there is nothing to do for that except I am just sitting easy and being careful.

Then there is Esther who did something to her knee (we didn't see her fall or anything), and she wanted to be carried everywhere ---to the table, to the bathroom, etc. We had it in an ace wrap and it only lasted three days. You KNOW we just wanted to carry our three year old around all day. Dan came back the third day, after she got up, and she smiled at him and said, "Look Daddy, I can walk!"

Meanwhile, we have unsaved neighbors that I am friendly with ---praying and witnessing to them. They have a little girl Esther's age, and she comes to play about every day. The mom has gone to church with me a few times, and Ladianna loves to come with us. So you can pray about that ---they are from Albania; the dad speaks English more than the mother. They understand salvation now, and it is their choice.

We want to line up more meetings, and Dan is looking for a good plan for a phone for these next five months. The number on our prayer card does not work. We do have two meetings scheduled but would like to fill up the months of Sept. and Oct.

Also, the Bible Bee has started again ---memorizing lots of verses. This year the focus is Colossians. It is so good to learn God's Word.

Gideon is great, so cute in his bouncy seat - a kind that hooks to the top of a doorway. He is rolling over and is the smilingest (I just made up that word) baby you ever (didn't) see.

God is good. Joseph's tooth does not hurt, I am sitting here without pain, Esther is running around, and Seth's back has healed nicely. On we go.

Pray for boldness always. I do not want God to come back and me thinking that I should have talked to someone. Talk to them today. I want to talk or give a tract to every unsaved person I meet. You might think that is a guilt trip coming on ---maybe. Just do what you should do. We know God is sovereign, and it is He that will draw sinners to Himself. Every Christian is in the army - like it or not. It is a whole lot harder to be bold for the Lord here in America than it is where we are in Africa. So, come on over and join us ---pick some fruit that is ready for harvesting.

What should we say? In His grip? Looking for His return? Pilgrims on the earth? Loving life? Praising Him? Burdens are lifted at Calvary? Thanks for your prayers? Take any closing you like.

Love in Christ,

Joan and Dan,

Ruth Marie, Hannah, Seth, Lydia, Susanna, Isaiah, Stephen, Rebekah, Josiah, Joseph, Esther, and Gideon

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