Tuesday, February 23, 2010


   Finally a letter from the mom ---Yes, we have a baby boy named Gideon Luke Cuthbertson.  So, I've been in labor for a month --mentally that is --Ha!  No, really since I knew the due date and did not expect to go late, it was not nice waiting.  But we were busy and having a good time in the meanwhile.  Labor started with ctx an hour apart and nothing to speak of.  I'd say true labor started at noon and Gideon was born at 3:15 PM on Tuesday, Feb. 16th.  The girls were all in attendance as well as my mom, sisters Pam and Becky, and of course, Dan. All went well and he is a very beautiful baby.  I feel a whole lot better now that he is out than in and praising God that Gideon is healthy and so beautiful.

    Now we are in Alabama at our mission Family Life Seminar and have been here two days.  It has been so great and already beneficial.  I'm glad we came and it is just great to hear great preaching and teaching from God's Word.  A church here has us in their prophet's chamber and church apartment which are both beautiful.  We all fit so well and it is just a great time of enrichment and relaxation.  One great statement from today is "I must see every person and every circumstance as the Holy Spirit of God coming to me through that person and circumstance to make me more like Christ."  We all know that nothing comes to us except through Christ and yet it is sometimes easy to criticize, get hurt, get frustrated with people who aren't doing what we think they should.  So, let it rest, help people to change if you can, pray a lot,  but leave the feelings and frustrations out of it.

    Thanks for all your prayers!!!  We head to Fl on Friday and hopefully to warmer weather.

Bye for now,

Love in Christ,


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