Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trip back home

            I see that I didn't even tell folks of my trip on the "bus" home.  Should I somehow add that into the already long letter?  Not only is the road bad, try it in a bus crammed with people, some who don't smell very good, no AC and on you go.  Well, I got to the bus by 1:30 PM; the bus was to leave at 1:00.  I thought, good, it hasn't left yet and they said they would be leaving pronto.   Hey, this is Africa and we are on African Standard time ----Late. 

            Due to the African Soccer Cup being on and Ivory Coast playing and other things, the bus didn't leave till 5:30.  This is for a 5 hour trip ---we don't like to leave at night, but they wouldn't refund the ticket and I was ready to get home.  So, on we go ---I have my book, music, and a flashlight.  After witnessing to the woman next to me ---very good discussions as well, I think already saved, but untaught; it got to be around 8:30 (it gets dark here by 6:30 to 7) and we were just getting to the worst part of the road.  I felt us doing a U turn --I sit up, what is happening?  I don't know if he saw an actual barrage in the road (like bandits ready to steal whatever on the bus), or what.  Better safe than sorry.  He turned around and came to these few huts/houses on the road, pulled over, got out and announced that was as far as we were going tonight ---leaving again at 5 AM. 

            What a mess.  Well, God has us here for a reason --more witnessing.  I don't know if you've ever seen an Evangi-cube, great for witnessing.  So, there I was with the cube and my flashlight to shine on it and going through the whole plan of salvation with the crucifixion and the cross, only one way to heaven, etc. over and over as more people came up --about 4-5 times and in French.  It was actually fun and the wind was actually chilly.  Well, there were at least 15 to 20 there for that, very good discussion with a Moslem man, two others got saved.  So, God has a plan in everything and I can just relax in that. 

            Around 10:30 the crowd started thinning and people trying to find a place to sleep ---as on outside tables, in the bus.  I went to the outhouse and then opted for the bus.  I went to find the bus was very full ---had to get someone to move out of my seat - poor guy, but I couldn't just stand outside all night.  There was absolutely no thought of sleep for sure.  Not only were we crammed in there and hot, windows shut to keep out mosquitoes, there were cockroaches crawling in all the cracks of the seats and by the windows.  It was bad.  After killing a few of those, I figured to relax and read my book.  I had already tried many contortions (see the white woman trying to twist and turn in the seat) to get comfortable enough to sleep and figured that was hopeless.  I thought I'd try a table outside, but saw a rat crawl over it and thought the mosquitoes might get bad.  Then later the men were breaking up a table for firewood --it did get chilly. 

            Well, we started out again at 5 AM and I got home at 9:30.  So much for the simple 5 hour trip.   I don't think I'll take that line again and next time I won't give any money till I am sitting on the bus --that way I can change my mind if they get late.  Maybe there won't be a next time?  Life in Africa.  You have to have patience and know God has you where you are for a reason. 

            Well, I am surely long winded.



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